Telepathic Information with Ingrid Y Andersson

Telepathic Information with Ingrid Y Andersson

Ingrid Y Andersson meet and help clients in KIOFLOW Centre, where there are possibilities to get answers to vital questions in your life and to get help with the enlighted path of your life.The client book a whole day between 10 am and 5 pm, where there is also a vegetarian lunch and a coffeebrake in the afternoon.

The day of Telepathic Information consists of Healing and meditation, help to understand the lifeplan and the enlightened path in life, that also contains Telepathic Stories and Information that is transferred by Ingrid. The client can also bring personal questions that are of importance in life, that Ingrid will answer.

Ingrid transfer help in the form of ”keys and technique”, as part of the Telepathic Information, which can also be part of the understanding of different progressive processes, projects and ways of knowledge as a part of the everyday life.

Booking can be done during the whole year to Ingrid Y Andersson on phonenumber: +4670 4846353 or by mail:

Place: Sandbyv√§gen 13, L√∂ttorp on the northern part of √Ėland.

Time: 10 am ‚Äď 5 pm

Included: A vegetarian lunch and afternoon coffee/tea.

Raw-food cake

Bring along: Notebook and pen. No soundrecording.

Eventfee: 1800 SEK. The money is payed to KIOFLOW AB:s account 5558-2068.

Accommodation: For clients who need somewhere to stay overnight, there is a possibility to book our nice little cottage. For more information about the cottage, visit our homepage and go to ”Boende p√• √Ėland”, where you can see photos of the exterior and interior of the cottage.

Very wellcome!

Ingrid Y Andersson