Quantum Healing Hypnoses Technique (QHHT) in English


Quantum Healing Hypnoses Technique (QHHT)

in English

Peter Edrén works with Quantum Healing Hypnoses Technique, lectures, educations and meditationmeetings.

You can book a Quantum Healing Hypnoses Technique session with Peter Edrén, see description below. The session and healingtechnique takes about 4 hours, sometimes more and includes conversation, regression and hypnosestreatment, a recording of the session and a follow-up discussion 2 weeks after the session. If you want to book a QHHT-session or have more information about the QHHT, contact Peter Edrén who is a level 2 practitioner of the QHHT on telephone: +4670 4846352 or by mail: info@kioflow.se. The price for the QHHT-session is 2400 SEK, which includes the follow-up discussion and is payed to KIOFLOW AB Bankaccount 5558-2068.

Accommodation: Clients who need somewhere to stay overnight, there is a possibility to book our nice little cottage. For more information about the cottage, visit our homepage www.kioflow.se and go to ”Boende pĂ„ Öland”, where you can see photos of the exterior and interior of the cottage.

Quantum Healing Hypnoses Technique

The founder of the Quantum Healing Hypnoses Technique (QHHT), is the regression and hypnotherapist and also author Dolores Cannon from USA. This technique helps the client to enter a more relaxed and comfortable state of beeing and a higher level of consciousness, where the client can get in contact with experiences from both this lifetime and previous lifetimes. The client experiences and brings about inner images and pictures through a regressionstate of mind, that helps to retrieve relevant and important information to the client in this life, which can also help to dissolve difficult and blocked states of mind. The Higher Consciousness is an allknowing source to ask questions and get answers from about ourselves and the lives we live and it also transfers healing. Many times it is enough to understand why a person is ill, or why a blocked situation has occured as grief, bitterness, pain, fear, agony or other experiences, to have the problem resolved by the Higher Consciousness. The practitioner helps the client to illuminate and understand the the different problems they are having and also guides the client through the whole healingprocess. The most important parts of the session are recorded and the client gets a copy of them.

For more information please visit the homepage of Dolores Cannon: