Invitation to QHHT gathering 2018 at KIOFLOW Centre

Wellcome to an enlightened QHHT gathering

in Sweden August 18-20 2018

at KIOFLOW Centre

We invite you to participate with your experiences and with your stories at an oncoming event for QHHT practitioners at KIOFLOW Centre in Sweden. We listen and we learn from each other, encouraging and share stories and experiences and also listen to some lecturers.

KIOFLOW Centre is a beautiful and enlightened place in the countryside on the northern part of √Ėland, just outside the eastcoast of Sweden, where we have educations, meditations and lectures. It is a peaceful and wonderful place, a place for transformation and gatherings and also a place for retreat and recreation.

A crystalplace for meditation outside of KIOFLOW Centre

The gathering August 18-20 2018

Day 1 Saturday August 18

9-10 am Introduction and meditation with Peter Edrén.

10-12 am Lecture by Anna Frydendal from Denmark:

”Introduction to Ayurveda”

Ayurveda comes from Sanskrit and means science of life. It¬īs a 5000

year old health philosophy. We will explore the basics of Ayurveda

and how it can help you to live a balanced life.

12-2 pm Lunch

2-6 pm Experiences and stories from QHHT practitioners.

(Coffee and Tea at 4 pm)

Day 2 Sunday August 19

9-10 am Meditation with Peter Edrén and stories from IMDUR.

10-12 am Lecture by Per Damm from Denmark: ”The meaning of life”.

12-2 pm Lunch

2-6 pm Experiences and stories from QHHT practitioners.

(Coffee and Tea at 4 pm)

Day 3 Monday August 20

9-10 am Meditation with Peter Edrén

10-11 am Lecture by Ingrid Y Andersson about Lightguideeducation and

                  inspiration from Dolores Cannon.

11-12 am Peter introduce √Ėland and inform about the sightseeing and the places we are going to visit after lunch.

12-2 pm Lunch

2-6 pm Sightseeing on the northern part of √Ėland

Ingrid Y Andersson and Peter Edrén

Anna Frydendal

Per Damm

To participate: Send an e-mail to or call 0046 (0) 704846353 to Peter Edrén or Ingrid Y Andersson

Address: KIOFLOW Centre, Sandbyvägen 13, 387 73 Löttorp, Sweden

Accommodation: Alvaret Hotel & Hostel √Ėland, Marknadsv√§gen 6, 387 72 L√∂ttorp Phone: 0046 (0) 48520656

B&B Villa Vila, Löttorpsvägen 70, 387 73 Löttorp. Phone: 0046 (0) 768-510107

Sanbybadets Camping, Sandby Sjögata 42, 387 73 Löttorp

Phone: 0046 (0) 48520322

Fee: 1500 SEK which includes a vegetarian lunch and coffee/tea in KIOFLOW Centre (3 days)

Sightseeing not included. Pay to: Nordea Bank AB, SE, 105 71 Stockholm.

SWIFT-address: NDEASESS       IBAN: SE18 9500 0099 6026 0308 9554.

Wellcome to an inspireing weekend!

Peter Edrén and Ingrid Y Andersson

Photos from the QHHT-event 2018

Peter is greeting the participants at the QHHT-event

Anna Frydendal at her lecture about ”Introduction to Ayurveda”

Per Damm at his lecture about ”The meaning of life”

Lina Mishalany talks about ”Emotional Liberating Breathing”

Jane Heffernan gives a spiritual lecture

Delicious vegetarian and raw food


Coffeebreak outside KIOFLOW Centre

Sightseeing and picnic on √Ėland